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Management team


Richard Hertvig


Holdings, own and through related parties:

4 622 675 shares

Warrants (serie 2022/25:2) corresponding to 50,000 shares.

Warrants (serie 2023/25:1, 25:2) corresponding to 100,000 shares.

Bild till hemsida Daniel.jpg

Daniel Broman


Employed at Lohilo Foods since 2023

Education/previous experience:

Daniel has a master's degree in economics from Lund University. Daniel most recently came from a position as CFO  in Duroc Machine Tool AB in Alvesta. Previously, Daniel worked as an accountant at Ernst & Young.

Holdings, own and through related parties: 

31 250 shares

Warrants (serie 2023/25:2) corresponding to 50,000 shares.

20140311-Frans profilbild original square.jpg

Frans Nilsson

Marketing manager

Education / previous experience:

Operational Concept Manager in the Lohilo Foods marketing team since 2018.

Prior to that, entrepreneur and brand builder in the clothing industry and the music industry.


Holdings, own and through related parties:


Warrants (series 2022/25:1) corresponding to 50,000 shares.

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