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Our story begins in 1979

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The company, formerly known as Alvestaglass AB, changed its name to Lohilo Foods AB in November 2019. But the story remains, as does the fantastic ice cream that still goes by the name Alvestaglass. In 1979, a small ice cream factory opened its doors in the small Småland town of Alvesta. In 2007, Dan Isaksson and Richard Hertvig bought the small one-man company and moved headquarters and production to the neighboring city of Växjö. They kept the name Alvestaglass as the name of the company and as a trademark for their own first ice cream, which until 2019 was the company's best-selling brand.  


In 2013, Alvestaglass AB launched a new brand that would not only be super tasty, but also have completely new functions. The name became LOHILO, which stood for "LO - carbs - HI protein - LO fat". LOHILO grew rapidly and another five years later new product segments were added to the brand. Segments where Lohilo Foods has already made a big impression are primarily functional drinks, protein bars and protein powders.  


In 2019, when the company, thanks to the LOHILO brand, achieved significant growth internationally, Alvestaglass AB changed its name to Lohilo Foods AB. Everything to adapt the business to an international context. We are still at the beginning of this journey – let's see what the future holds! - Our goal is to be the world leader in functional ice cream! 

/ Richard Hertvig – CEO and founder

LOHILO Foods today

Our head office is based in Växjö, where we also have our main warehouse with state-of-the-art cold storage. In addition, we have 2 warehouses in Sweden and deliver to over 1,500 stores, of which 400 stores are visited daily by our own sales force. Our structure gives us unique advantages in the Swedish grocery trade and we dare to say that we have one of Sweden's best sales teams in ice cream. With attractive brands and functional products, we have grown internationally and today we have customers throughout the Nordics and are expanding rapidly in Europe with the LOHILO brand. We also have customers in Asia, mainly Hong Kong and China, who have great potential to grow. 

The company Lohilo Foods AB is certified according to the GFSI approved standard BRC Storage & Distribution. Today, the company does not have its own production facility, but uses BRC/IFS certified producers around Europe.  


In 2018, the company Järna glass AB was acquired and in 2019 Nordic Mochi AB, which owned the distribution rights to Bubbies Mochi Ice cream. These operations have been fully integrated into the parent company. In 2021, the company Superfruit Scandinavia AB was acquired, which still operates as its own subsidiary.  Today, our ice cream portfolio consists of the brands LOHILO, Alvestaglass, Järnaglass and Bubbies. Our colonial portfolio consists of the brands LOHILO, Superfruit, KLEEN Sports Nutrition and Kultures Kombucha.  

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