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Our flagship among our own brands that we created ourselves and are now exported globally.
It all started as one of the world's first protein ice creams and has now developed into a brand that spans most product segments with the same, overarching purpose; exercise and health with a focus on fantastic taste and function.

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Alvesta ice cream is our classic premium ice cream. For over 30 years, we have created quality products with an obvious place in our customers' freezers. The ice cream and all sauces are made from scratch - everything according to our ice cream master's recipe. We have a wide range of different flavors - so everyone can find their own favorite. We also have lactose-free ice cream, as well as ice cream without added sugar. Everyone should be able to enjoy our delicious ice cream!

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Our carefully crafted luxury ice cream with fantastic taste. Järna ice cream is a craft made with a few, well-selected ingredients. We have taken a clear position regarding redundant ingredients, e-substances and added air - because the very best ice cream does not need it!  We acquired the company Järnaglass in 2017, as a natural step in the right direction to offer the best to all ice cream lovers.

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Bubbies is ice cream from Hawaii. Bubbies refined the traditional Japanese mochi ice cream with ice cream covered in thin, delicate rice dough. Bubbies offers a range of amazing flavours, from fruity passion fruit to decadent chocolate. The bite-sized pieces are filled with creamy ice cream with natural flavorings. The outer layer (mochi) is made from rice flour and lightly sweetened for a completely unique texture and taste. Bubbies are the perfect treat for those looking for an exotic, exclusive ice cream experience. A brand we are happy to operate, distribute and sell on the Swedish market.

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